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What is a Recording Artist?

Why We Wrote This Guide Recording artists and composers create the foundations of the music industry: compositions and recordings. An understanding of their fundamental positions in the music world is necessary before diving into the detailed inner workings of the industry. We wrote this guide in order to provide readers with a detailed description of what a […]

What is Rights Management?

Why we wrote this guide This guide describes the role of a digital rights manager, the value they provide, and a few signs that you may need rights management representation. The information below highlights the budding significance of rights management services in the digital era and how it’s shaping the future of creative industries around […]

What are Neighboring Rights?

Why We Wrote This Guide Music Business World reported in 2016 that neighboring rights account for over $2 billion in revenue per year. In today’s music industry, it is vitally important that songwriters, music publishers, record labels, recording artists, and featured artists familiarize themselves with neighboring rights. Contents What Are Neighboring Rights? Terrestrial vs. Digital Public Performance Background / History […]

Music Industry Contracts

Why We Wrote This Guide Contracts are the primary tools that entities in the music industry use to enter into business relationships with one another. This makes it important for musicians and business-people alike to have a general sense for how they work. Therefore, the purpose of this guide is to provide a basic overview […]

Types of Music Releases

Why We Wrote This Guide Albums, singles, LPs, EPs, mixtapes, compilations — the music industry uses a whole host of classifications for commercial releases. As technology evolves away from the original mediums that gave them their names, the definitions have grown convoluted. There are no universal, definitive rules or guidelines for classifying releases. However, by […]

What is a Record Label?

Why We Wrote This Guide Record labels have been around nearly as long as recorded sound. For years, being signed to a label was thought to be synonymous with “making it” in the music industry. While the internet and digital technology have made it easier for artists to succeed without record labels, they still play […]

What is a Mechanical License?

Why We Wrote This Guide For over a century now, American copyright law has worked to create and maintain a system that ensures copyright owners are compensated for the use of their intellectual properties. At the same time, the system also works to provide the maximum availability of compositions to individuals that may wish to recreate and […]

The Team

Why We Wrote This Guide Successful and well-known artists function like businesses. As with any business, there is a team of people working together toward a common goal behind every artist. This guide serves as an introduction to the most common team member roles for an artist. Who This Guide Is For Artists looking to […]

Copyright Registration

Why We Wrote This Guide The American government and others offer legal protections to those who create intellectual property. This guide has been written to explain the purpose of copyright registration, outline the registration process and dispel myths about alternative options. Who This Guide Is For American creators who want to protect their intellectual property […]